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While it is possible to play keno using multiple tickets at the real casinos, the same cannot be done at online casinos. Those playing at real casinos are aware of the fact that they can even buy their keno tickets according to their requirements for future games. Players involved in real life casino games play all the keno tickets at one time. When the player tries to make a transition from the keno to a casino, they will experience game play typically using the multiple tickets, which is quite different. At the online keno casino games, a single matrix with 8 numbers is displayed.

One such casino is Win A Day. This casino removes all the laminations on the new keno casino game. In case of this game, players will be able to use 7 tickets or more at one time. Players should chance their display machines to attain this. There is a game board that changes slightly when 80 numbers are displayed in total that are call numbers. These numbers do not reveal the number of players selected. Instead, there are market tickets that are visible on the bottom matrix. Players are allowed to select their tickets and numbers to correspond their ticket. They are allowed to do this for 7 times with 7 tickets.

Once the Play button is hit, which lies on central matrix, there are 20 numbers will show up as called numbers. All the tickets that the players put down will be matched against these called numbers. Such matches are further evaluated using the payout tables to check how the player wins the game.

Many players have been trying out online keno using the Win A Day Casino for multiple ticket options. This actually helps players in putting down their amounts in numbers on their tickets. When these tickets are seen independently, players will notice that each of these tickets are placed in accordance with different payout table.

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